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öğretmenler için soru ve cevap hazırlama programı.Wondershare-QuizCreator

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Wondershare QuizCreator is a robust solution designed for educators and researchers to create flash-based quizzes and online surveys, the results of which can be collected by using ASP&PHP samples that comes with QuizCreator. This is one of the easy yet effective ways to access knowledge and get valuable opinions.

Easily create Flash-based interactive quizzes and assessments and send quiz reports with great flexibility. Wondershare QuizCreator is a robust quiz tool that lets quiz designers to create Flash-based quizzes andassessments. It integrates with interactivity and multimedia to engage the learners through the learning progress.

Flexible Quiz Export
Real–time Reporting
When the quiz is completed, quiz takers can view the quiz results with scores and passing status instantly or print out a paper report.

E-mail Reporting
Send quiz reports with details to teachers via e-mail. Even students that take the quiz can view the quiz reports in their mail boxes.

Database Integration
Send the quiz results to a web database by using PHP or ASP samples provided in QuizCreator and help quiz designers to repurpose quiz data or for advanced data management .

LMS Tracking Create quizzes with AICC or SCORM compliance to be exported to popular Learning Management Systems (ADL SCORM Adopter).

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